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My name is Melanie and I am going through a career change; I have been into Personal development and mind setting for years and I had an urge to pass on the message to other people through public speaking.
When consulted Saira about my plans she asked me a few poignant questions making me think about the direction I was going to and I realised that it was the wrong one or that that direction would have led nowhere. I could have spent months of precious time and energy developing the wrong program because I was aiming at the wrong audience and I am now able to go in the right direction which ultimately will result in me earning money much quicker than I would have without Saira’s input.
She followed up our interview with a strong and well constructed email with simple points to follow and that I can refer to in order to maintain on the right path. I am genuinely very grateful for Saira’s help because she has save me months of going in the wrong direction and I cannot wait to make another testimonial to let you guys know how well I am doing!
I will finish by saying that having the services of a professional who will gear you in the right direction can seem pointless because we think we can do it by ourselves it can seem expensive but it can also save you or help you to earn a lot more money.
I genuinely look at being coached by Saira as an investment in myself and my ability to excel in my field.
Melanie Theveniaud

Saira has really helped me gain and remain focused in the start-up stage of my business. I now have a greater sense of direction and goals seem much more achievable.

With her help I now have;

  1. rates I am comfortable with, that reflect my value
  2. a clear marketing plan going forward
  3. increased clarity around business conduct and presentation
  4. a sense of what constitutes a business plan and the importance of it
  5. greater self-confidence and self-belief (both of which are fundamental in successful self-employment)

And most importantly I am in business…. and already receiving positive feedback from clients

She is an absolute joy to work with – she is supportive and encouraging whilst also being directive, clear and sensitively challenging in her approach.

Saira has been a godsend and I couldn’t recommend her more highly – she will really help take your business to the next level.

Don’t procrastinate! Pick up the phone before she gets booked up!   Clare Millar – Eat for Victory


“When I first met Saira I was instantly struck by her warmth and engaging personality. ‘Develop The Power To Pursue Your Dreams’ is a philosophy that she actively lives and encourages others to do so. As a Motivational Coach she practices what she preaches; if the subject matter is new to her in relation to her client’s needs, Saira will research and investigate, coming up with innovative and exciting ideas/concepts for her clients to take action on. A great listener with an empathy to recognise resistance to ‘ the road less travelled’ by her clients. A joyful nature which makes Saira a pleasure to be around. I embrace Saira not only as a business colleague but a great friend I have had the good fortune to meet.”

Coral Turner – Coral Turner Couture



Saira is a highly committed, proficient and skilled trainer. She always seeks to find new and imaginative ways to deliver the necessary training. Those who receive Saira’s training always return to the floor retaining and immediately putting into action the training delivered having received clear and positive training from Saira.

R. Antoine, Stairway to Purpose


I have been fortunate to have Saira as a business coach for my Going Forward Coaching project. She creates very warm, understanding and positive environment and with her strong support you are getting clarity and confidence to go forward. She has brilliant questioning skills. She is very knowledgeable and creative.

I highly recommend her on-line coaching course Vision2Mission. On my request Saira combined coaching with elements of mentoring and provided valuable information essential for my progress. It has been a pleasure to deal with Saira.

Marina Formina – Going Forward Coaching

I have found my coaching sessions with Saira extremely worthwhile and very productive. In the months we have worked together I have turned my business idea from a vague generalisation into a well, defined business goal.

I found the exercises Saira gave me to do between sessions very eye-opening and they really gave me clarity in what it is that I want to do.

Completing my Business Plan was a daunting idea before I met Saira and through her coaching she really helped me break it down and look at all areas carefully and thoroughly.

I would highly recommend Saira for business coaching to anyone out there who is at the beginning of their business and needs that special support.

Thank You for all your support, truly appreciated and always remembered.

Heather Burke – Empower Fulfill