According to the British Chambers of Commerce, many employers advise that, today’s school / college leavers and university graduates lack key employability skills; they lack resilience, independent critical thinking skills, problem solving skills as well as communication skills.

Additionally, our training delegates have also often cited that they wish they had received our training and content years earlier in their lives.

In a recent survey run by TalkTalk Mobile, “72% of 18 – 25 year old’s said they found it easier to put their feelings across in emoji icons than in text.” (Source)

The aforementioned feedback and results, although may not be entirely surprising to you, are still quite worrying. It’s time to disrupt and change things for the better…for the benefit of the students, their future employers and for the sake of the art of communication, the verbal art. After all, the human race has not spent eons making progress in the comms arena only to start making a return to the days of cave-paintings!

Now, we can’t turn back time for our professional and business delegates, we can though act upon the sentiments shared with us. So this is exactly what we bring to the younger generations to help them succeed academically and professionally.

The only smart device we allow the student delegates to use is their brain!

We then provide them with the tools to enable them to download, install and encode the following apps throughout their neo-cortex;

Independent Critical Thinking Skills

Creative Problem Solving Abilities

Confident and Effective Communication Skills

Improved Concentration and Memory for Academic Success

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